And so they tasted like…

Non classé

Today in class, one of the students brought two of her cheeses because she will not be there next week, when we all bring in our homework for final grading.

She told us that something strange had happened to her cheeses: they dried out and became hard. We had a taste of them and they were really good, but they definitely were not Camembert-like. More like a bloomy chevre.

Another person in the class mentioned the same thing had happened to his cheeses, so I thought I would check in my babies when I arrived home.image

I had a thin cheese that bloomed just like the other ones, and I thought I would open this one first. It was one of the refrigerator cheeses, and it was wrapped in paper on May 19. It felt soft to the touch, so I was wondering what I would find under the paper.


My oh my… 20140524-175648-64608524.jpg

It was ooey and gooey in there! It was like melted cheese! A very soft, pleasantly salty and tangy paste, lactic, with a nice acidity, and straight forward, but not boring. I look forward to seeing what the other cheeses are like! This is all so exciting!

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