Bloom watch – May 18, 2014

Non classé

Today, the five cheeses that have lived in my cooler for the last two weeks have been wrapped in cheese paper and moved to the refrigerator. They will spend the next two weeks there, finishing their aging process slowly.

Cheese paper is a special type of paper that has two micro perforated layers. The inner layer is micro perforated and lets the cheese breathe and while the other prevents excess moisture from escaping. This is pretty nifty and if you are serious about cheese, you can buy that paper to wrap the cheese you buy at your cheesemonger. Formaticum is a good source of cheese paper, and they ship to Canada (their products are also sold at some Canadian stores).


I could have left some of my cheeses in the cooler, to see how they age differently, but I must admit to ice-making-and-switching fatigue. An electrical cooler would have come in handy here… That’s for sure. I’m still glad I saw the difference in blooming speeds between both environments. That was really cool. Lindsay seems to continue aging her cheeses in her cooler. Courageous and dedicated Lindsay!

The bloom growth has been pretty wild in the cooler:


In the refrigerator, things are evolving slowwwwwwly… So much so that most cheeses are nowhere near ready to be wrapped. I wonder how much longer it will take. Want to bet?


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