Bloom watch – May 8, 2014

Non classé

So, yesterday it was time to turn the cheeses for the second time.

The cooler cheeses had grown such a nice white fuzzy coat that it was sad to hide it. But the other side needs to grow bloom too! So turned they got. A bit of bloom stuck to the chopsticks the cheeses are propped on, and I hope this will not be detrimental.

I have now managed to control temperature in the cooler. Re-freezing melted ziplock bags and putting new ice in as necessary. This usually happens twice a day and I manage to keep a 12-14 C temperature in there. There is a lot of water in the bottom of the cooler by now, so I’m not too worried about humidity levels for now.

On the refrigerator front, things are much much slower… The phrase moving at a glacial pace is starting to make sense…

I am currently focussing on getting an even bloom on all/most of my cheeses before I start toying with them with flavours. Now debating between cranberry or apple juice.



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